The 17 Trading Rules By Marty Zweig

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	The 17 Trading Rules By Marty Zweig (Died in 2013 at 70 years old, trading from 13 years.) You Can Apply Right Now
1) The trend is your friend, don’t fight the tape.
2) Let profits run, take losses quickly.
3) If you buy for a reason, and that reason is discounted or is no longer valid, then sell!
4) If the values don’t make sense, then don’t participate.
5) The cheap get cheaper, the dear get dearer.
6) Don’t fight the FED! (Less valid than #1)
7) Every indicator eventually bites the dust.
8) Adapt to change.
9) Don’t let your opinion of what should happen, bias your trading strategy.
10) Don’t blame your mistakes on the market.
11) Don’t play all the time.
12) The market is not efficient, but is still tough to beat.
13) You’ll never know all the answers.
14) If you can’t sleep at night, reduce your positions or get out.
15) Don’t put too much faith in the “experts.”
16) Don’t focus too much on short term information flows.
17) Beware of “New Era” thinking (i.e. it’s different this time because…)


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